It all starts with the bikes. Our SHAREDBIKES are designed specifically for fleet orientation and sharing. They're comfortable, unisex and low-maintenance (and super cool). We have loads of options, so get in touch and we'll help design your own fleet today.


SHAREDBIKE LOCK+DOCK employs solar powered, Bluetooth smart locks mounted on our custom fleet bicycles.

The bikes can be checked out with the rider's smartphone on an app custom designed for each bike share program.




Tamper resistant


The customizable SHAREDBIKE App is how riders access their bike share program.

With this app, members of the bike share can: check-in and check-out bikes, find available bikes at bike stations, manage their user account, and track their usage.

How it works


Use the app to find the nearest bike station.


At the station, use the app to unlock your bike.


Rental rates are determined by your plans and pricing.


To end a rental, securely return the bike at the nearest dock.

Rates and plans

A comprehensive range of billing options allow you to build plans that are just right for your system.

Email confirmation or administrative approval can restrict plan and system access. Riders sign up for a riding plan directly from the app.


Pay as you go with this plan.


Ride all day.


Save with monthly options.


For commuters and residents.


We include software that gives the tools you need to run a successful system.

Our software makes it easy to get the information you need to run a system within a single dashboard. We make vital statistics simple to understand so you can keep bikes on the road.

  • Realtime information on the location and state of bicycles.
  • Email and admin authorization on system access and plan purchasing.
  • Statistics on health and environmental impact.
  • System off hours.
  • Analytics and visualization of key metrics to help manage and grow the system.
  • Customizable plans that allow free rentals, free time, selective access, and other charging methods.
  • Integrated credit card processing and direct deposit.


You can checkout a bike by going to any station, which can be found through the "Find a Bike" tab. Once at a station, click on the "Checkout" button to see the bikes that are available near you. To checkout a bike, simply click on the lock icon with the number corresponding to the bike you want to rent and then follow the on screen instructions.

You can return your bike by locking it up at any available dock. Docks can be found by using the map on the "Find a Bike" page.

When the bike is locked, your rental has ended.

Station colors are to help you know how many bikes / docks are at a station.

  • Green: The station is a great spot to rent or return a bike.
  • Red: The station is low or out of bikes but is a great spot to return a bike.
  • Blue: The station is low on racks but is a great spot to rent a bike.

All pricing is handled through riding plans. Upon account registration, users will be required to select a riding plan. Free plans can be also be setup.

Riding plan terms:

  • Rental Period: The increment a rental is billed. For example, a rental lasting 30 minutes on a plan with a 20 minute rental period would be charged for 2 rental periods.
  • Base Charge: If a rental is a billed trip (lasting longer than the free period) this base charge is included on the rental. Additional charges may be added depending on how much longer over the rental period the rental lasts.
  • Rental Rate: How much you are charged for each billed rental period.
  • Grace Period: Any rental duration less than the Grace Period is not billed.
  • Free Periods Per Trip: The number of free rental periods which are available for a single rental (not applicable to all plans).
  • Initial Free Periods: The number of free riding periods included with the plan.
  • Free Period Refill: The number of free periods that you get on a refill.
  • Expiration: The ending date of the plan.
  • Max Open Rentals: The maximum number of simultaneous rentals for a single account.
  • Bill Frequency: To reduce transaction fees, charges can be combined together and billed based on the bill frequency.
  • Bill Cap: The maximum balance which an account may have before you will be billed. If you never reach the bill cap, you will be billed on the standard billing frequency.
  • Auto Renewal: If enabled, you will be re-enrolled to the plan when it expires.